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Q & A


How can I make a booking? +

You can make a booking through our website online.

Can I cancel my booking? +

Yes, you can cancel your booking up 48 hours prior to your journey. If you are 20 minutes late than the original booking time without updating us, then the booking will be canceled and no refund will be made.

What is your Cancellation policy? +

Bookings cancelled within 48 hours prior to the journey with no refunds are made of the total amount paid. Booking made within 24 hours prior to the journey can be cancelled within the following 2 hours after making the booking.

How much does an airport transfer in Manchester cost? +

The cost of Manchester airport taxi transfer can vary depending on various factors, such as the type of vehicle, distance, and additional services requested. It's best to check with airport transfer companies for a quote based on your specific requirements.

Can I pay with cash or card? +

All journeys must be pre-booked online and paid in advance. We do accept cash with a 25% deposit paid in advance by card.

Are prices determined per person or per vehicle? +

Prices are determined by the length of your journey and the size of the vehicle.

Do I need to confirm my booking? +

Yes, we advise that you confirm your booking with us at least 48 hours in advance. Please print out your confirmation email or have this available to show on your electronic devices.

How early do I need to arrive at the airport before boarding my flight? +

You will need to be at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight. However, we recommend picking you up at least 1 hour ahead of time (depending on how far away you are from Airport) to account for any potential road delays or traffic. The sooner you get to the airport, the less likely you are to miss your flight.

What if my flight is delayed? Will Crown Carz wait for me? +

The Crown Carz team constantly checks the status of departure and arrival flights. We will be informed if your flight is delayed and we will proceed to wait for you. However if your flight delayed by more than 4 hours please get in touch with us to inform our team and to re-arrange your booking. You can ask our team member if there are any additional charges to amend the booking.

How much luggage can I take with me in the taxi? +

Our saloon cars will accommodate 2 large suitcases or up to 3 small cabin size suitcases. If you have more luggage than this, you will need to book one of our MPV vehicles.

When I land at Airport, where can I find my Crown Carz taxi? +

We will be waiting for you outside the main terminal of international arrivals. Driver will try to contact you once your flight is landed and will come into the terminal hall to collect you after you inform him that you have collected your luggage and you are in the arrivals hall. We will send you details of the specific car and license plate number, as well as the phone number of the driver.

Do You Charge Extra for Traveling into Congestion Charge Zone? +

We do not have any special charges for congestion however if we are requested to travel via toll then additional toll charges will be requested.